Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis: A Handbook for Healthcare Research provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles and methods that healthcare researchers need when considering, conducting or using individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis projects. Written and edited by researchers with substantial experience in the field, the book details key concepts and practical guidance for each stage of an IPD meta-analysis project, alongside illustrated examples and summary learning points.

Split into five parts, the book chapters take the reader through the journey from initiating and planning IPD projects to obtaining, checking, and meta-analysing IPD, and appraising and reporting findings. The book initially focuses on the synthesis of IPD from randomised trials to evaluate treatment effects, including the evaluation of participant-level effect modifiers (treatment-covariate interactions). Detailed extension is then made to specialist topics such as diagnostic test accuracy, prognostic factors, risk prediction models, and advanced statistical topics such as multivariate and network meta-analysis, power calculations, and missing data.


5. The Two-stage Approach to IPD Meta-analysis

6. The One-stage Approach to IPD Meta-analysis

16. IPD Meta-analysis for Prognostic Factor Research

17. IPD Meta-analysis for Clinical Prediction Model Research

18. Dealing with Missing Data in an IPD Meta-analysis



Richard Riley

Professor of Biostatistics

Jayne Tierney

Professor of Evidence Synthesis

Lesley Stewart

Professor of Evidence Synthesis